promoting individual

creative expression

Devising ways to make knitting and crochet accessible through participatory making amongst growing creative communities.


The main element of ArtYarn’s practice is fabricating installations of contemporary applied art. Their work engages a dialogue of structure and process and finds concerns in the formal qualities of knitting and crochet as a medium, using these techniques to bring a tactility and sensuality to sculptural creation.

ArtYarn employs experimentation with a wide range of fibres and found materials in their work, often involving an investigation of scale as a way to deconstruct notions of the domestic. In gallery based works, ArtYarn also incorporate video and photography into their installations, as communicative tools that compliment the hand crafted object. Active in varying practices of creating interactive and engaging art works, ArtYarn are interested in producing site specific pieces, evoking a sense of place and of people. In urban or built environments ArtYarn actively channel their surroundings directly in their work and in many cases, the bridging of nature and culture becomes a key thematic.

Public Participation is a further element to the practice of ArtYarn, in emphasising the human interactions that are historical to knitting and crochet practices. By organising interactive knitting interventions, ArtYarn offer open invitations to become co-creators of their works, initiating an accessibility to art and founding a relational aesthetic through participatory art making. As such, much of ArtYarn’s work becomes a living document to the interactions generated through shared interests in the processes of knitting and crochet.

outdoor textile installation around one of the large trees that welcomes the community into the public park space.

Artyarn created an installation of 'Tree Cosies' that were placed around the festival site.

Art Yarn 
inspired by versatility

of knitting and crochet as an artistic media, as well as the traditional technical aspects of knitting and crochet, and make it one of their main aims to pass on these traditional skills to the community in which they are commissioned to work in. This supports the creation of highly crafted art works with a contemporary outcome. 

“All ArtYarn projects reflect the artistic, social and historical contexts of knitting and crochet, and focus on the tactility of hand manipulated processes with basic and easily accessible fibres, and found and recycled materials.”

Rachael, Artist


ArtYarn engaged in actions of decorating the urban environment through the media of knitting and crochet. Known globally as ‘yarn bombing’, traditional handicraft techniques and contemporary social interventions are brought together as visually expressive art forms. This was an initial exploration into discovering the potentials, and limitations, of the fibre materials and how they would withstand the elements in specific outdoor environments.

This surreptitious placement of knitted and crocheted objects in urban spaces finds its foundation in other existing forms of street art; spray can graffiti, stencilling and paste ups. By using knitting and crochet as a way to repackage the idea of ‘tagging’, this activity brings a sense of tactility into sometimes hard and unfriendly environments.

ArtYarn used this decorative practice as a way to explore built and urban spaces, using knitting and crochet as a way of looking. It provides an avenue to connect with our physical surroundings, employing an extended notion of home within the community and engaging directly with our immediate environments, expressing a personal care with traditionally nurturing craft techniques.


ArtYarn Forward 
installation project

coordinated and installed

made by knitters and crocheters from around the world. Fabled Fiber is the official supplier of ArtYarn yarns and knitting supplies.


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